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Saturday, September 2, 2017 - 18:00
Wolfkop Weekender Cape Town, South Africa

We are readying ourselves for our fourth edition of Power Flower Picnic, and as it turns out our tenth Wolfkop Weekender. From the most humble of beginnings (there were 120 of us at the first one!) we have slowly and steadily grown into the tiny but feisty festival we are today.

Four Lilo Flow's, three Power Flower Picnic's and two Cooked Sister's have put us in good stead to throw you a party that (as always) you would have seen nothing like before. Scheduled to start on Spring Day, we are moving into the flower fields for the first weekend of September and will once again hold nothing back to make sure you crazy kids have the weekend of your lives.

We have also introduced bundled ticketing, so you can buy tickets for more than one Weekender at a time with massive savings tucked away within them. And the option to buy on budget is there too, so getting silly has never been so easy.

So cancel all other plans for this weekend, you can get your tickets here: https://wolfkopweekender.wontom.com/early-bird


✿ Tim Sweeney
In keeping with expanding your horizons and delivering something you have likely heard nothing like before we proudly present the DJ's DJ, one of the most highly respected jocks ever to come out of New York City and owner of Beats In Space and stalwart of DFA RECORDS... Mr. Tim Sweeney.



✿ Jazzuelle
✿ Fabio Di Cosmo
✿ Grant Van Rensburg
✿ Mikey & Schumi
✿ Terrence Pearce
✿ The Fogshow
✿ Hi, I'm K-$
✿ Lawrence Dix
✿ Bruno Morphet
✿ Kanan K7
✿ DanTempo
✿ Richard Marshall
✿ dj low

DJ Bookings:
Europe/Asia/Africa: Alma @ QuietLoud
N/S America:
Bookings @ BIS
Andee Frost
Koji @ feuinc.com
Anything else: bookings@beatsinspace.net